About Us

How It All Started

Mad Moose BBQ began in 2018 when founder Zach (Moose) could not find a sauce that wasn't sweet and boring like every other sauce on the shelves.  So Moose took it upon himself to create a sauce like no other.  A sauce that provided a tang and some heat without all that sweet nonsense.  A sauce that elevates literally everything it touches.  A sauce that when it hits you lips your taste buds will beg for more.  A sauce my friends...like no other. 

Our Mission & Our Promise

 To provide the most unique sauce to ever hit the shelves and to make you the best pitmaster you can be!

Military & 1st Responders

Mad Moose BBQ is owned and operated by a current law enforcment officer.  Here at Mad Moose BBQ we respect our flag, our country and the men and women who serve it. If you are a first responder or military veteran please message us for a discount code. Thank you for your service and God Bless